Watch: Canik TP9 DA 9mm Pistol


Watch: Canik TP9 DA 9mm Pistol

The guys over at the Military Arms Channel have posted another excellent video. This one covers the Canik TP9 Double Action (DA). The TP9 DA is a striker-fired handgun that has a de-cocker and is double action.

For the most part, people do not think of striker-fired handguns as either double action or single action.  Several years ago, a buddy of mine and I were talking about handguns. I asked if his new handgun was single action or double action. His comment was something like, “It is not single or double action, it is striker-fired”.

I asked him, “When a round does not go off, can you pull the trigger and strike the primer a second time without having to cycle the slide by hand?” His reply was to talk about how the handgun has to be cycled in order to set the striker, which makes the handgun is single action.

The Canik TP9 addresses the issue with striker-fired handguns being single action. The TP9 also has a de-cocker. When the striker does not fire the cartridge, simply pull the trigger again.

Now for the video.

Overall, I feel the Canik TP9 DA is step forward in striker-fired handguns.

One issue with striker-fired handguns most people ignore, when there is a misfire, the handgun has to be cycled by hand to cock the striker. Some people are going to say, “I have never had a misfire.”  If you shoot long enough, there will be a misfire.

Something I find interesting about the TP9, the striker can be decocked, and the first round can be fired as double action. This gives the handgun a little extra trigger pull on the first round, which can be considered a safety feature.

Now that we have a double action striker-fired handgun, the line between striker-fired and hammer-fired is becoming blurred.

Special thank you to the guys over at the Military Arms Channel for another great video. Keep up the excellent work.

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