Five Bug Out Location Useful Items


Five Bug Out Location Useful Items

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about useful items that you may want to consider keeping at a bug out location. For the sake of discussion, let’s define a bug out location as a rural camp. This could be a cabin, hunting lease, or place to park an RV on a friends rural property.

Where do the items on this list come from?

They are items that I use from time to time around the farm. Stuff that I do not want to drive 30 minutes to buy, so I keep plenty on hand.

Hand tools are a given. Everyone should have some kind of basic tool box. Because of that, we are only going to mention them this one time.


PVC fittings are some of the cheapest investments someone can make. Anytime I work on the water pump, some kind of new fitting is needed.

  • Elbows.
  • Couplings.
  • PVC Glue.
  • Pieces of spare pipe.
  • Teflon tape.

Whatever it takes to fix a broken water line.

Kevin, what about cleaner? The ends of PVC pipe are supposed to be cleaned before you apply the glue. I usually use isopropyl alcohol to clean PVC before it is glued. I see no reason to buy something when I already have stuff on hand that will do the job.


  • Twist-on wire connectors.
  • Electrical¬† tape.
  • Spare wire.
  • Connectors.
  • Fuses.

Rats will sometimes get into the barn and will chew wires on the tractor. The wires have to be spliced and the chewed piece replaced.

Recently, lights on the trailer stopped working. A ground wire had broke and the bolt holding the ground wire to the trailer had rusted in place. The bolt was ground off with a grinder and a new wire was spliced into the wiring harness.


  • Glue.
  • Duct tape.
  • Cable ties.
  • Pop rivets.
  • Nuts and bolts.
  • Screws.
  • Nails.

Why pop rivets? The deck of my boat is held in place by 3/16 inch aluminum pop rivets. Sometimes a rivet will break and needs to be replaced.

Cable ties are always being used for something around the farm.

Drill bits

Not just bits fro drilling a hole, but also Phillips head, flat head, and torx.

When it comes to running screws, torx are the bee’s knees. Long after a Phillips head strips out, the torx will keep going. Three inch long screws going into treated lumber, which would be a pain for a Phillips head, is a walk in the park for torx.

I keep an assortment of nut drivers that will work in my drill. They are used for running roofing screws into the chicken house or barn.


  • Motor oil.
  • Chainsaw bar oil.
  • Two stroke engine oil.
  • Gun oil.
  • WD-40
  • Lithium spray.
  • Grease.

For example, my generator has a low oil kill switch. If the oil is low, the generator turns off and will not crank.

Motor oil is one of those little things that can shut everything down. I try to keep a gallon of oil on hand at all times and a tube of wheel bearing grease.

Useful Items

We could go on all day about this or that, but I tried to boil it down to just five. We could list stuff like spare chainsaw chains, air compressors, saws, extension cords, and work lights, all of which I use around the farm.

What do you think should be added, changed or removed from the list?

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