Preppers: Using an ATV for Recon


Preppers: Using an ATV for Recon

In a previous article we talked about scouting around the bug out location. Let’s take a few minutes and dabble on the topic again. This time, let’s talk about using an ATV to do recon around the bug out location.

Awhile back my brother and I were talking about some of my hiking trips. I told him, “I walk so people do not know I am in the area.” If I took an ATV, people living nearby would hear it. I live in a rural area and there are just a few people who live nearby. Still, I do not like people knowing where I am at.

One of the points of dong recon around the bug out location is to get in, see what is in the area, and then get out. Look at the lay of the land, fishing holes, and camping areas without anyone knowing you are there. Using an ATV brings certain issues to the table.


The most pressing issue is the sound. While riding pipelines and power lines, sometimes it is not clear where one hunting lease stops and another one starts. You could have permission to be on one piece of land, get off on another hunting lease, then the trouble starts.

Someone hears you, thinks they know the person, goes out to meet the person they “think” is riding on the hunting lease, and it is you. Then they threaten to call the sheriff, who does not have time to deal with petty stuff like accidental trespass.

The simple solution, eliminate the noise.

Rough Terrain

As much as people think an ATV can go “anywhere”, it simply is not true. ATVs have limitations, such as vertical creek banks, trees growing close together, and underbrush. There are situations where it would be difficult or impossible for an ATV to get through.

What may be difficult for a person to get through, could be impossible for an ATV.

Faster Than Foot

Even with all the limitations, using an ATV is still faster than traveling by foot.

Close to the farm, there is a road that cuts through a hunting lease, connects with a county road, which eventually comes back to my house. Round trip is a little over 20 miles. Using an ATV, it takes a couple of hours to make the trip. If traveled by foot, it would take a couple of days.

Traveling by ATV, I am more likely to explore side areas off country roads. If I was hiking, time would be an issue. Do I have time to explore that road, or hilltop? Then there is the energy level. How tired am I when I see something interesting to explore? Using an ATV, time and endurance is rarely an issue.

Recon With ATV

An ATV lets you travel faster and further than by foot. However, people living in a rural area will hear you and know your location. Some ATVs are rather loud. One guy who lives a mile from me, I can hear his ATV when he takes it out for a ride.

One of the things I do, if I see an area that I want to scout and know an ATV will not get through, I have someone drop me off nearby, scout the area by foot, then hike home.

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