Watch: Why Use 22 Rimfire for Training?


Watch: Why Use 22 Rimfire for Training?

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons does an excellent job detailing why 22 rifles are a good training tool.  He goes on to say that on a previous video he made, people were commenting that full sized rifles should be used for training. Rather than learning to shoot with a 22, then moving up to the larger calibers, why not just start with the large calibers?

One reason is the cost of 22 rimfire as compared to something like the 223/5.56mm, 308 Winchester and the 30-06. Using 22 rimfire is a lot cheaper than using full sized rifle cartridges.

Then there is the issue of learning the basics without having to overcome recoil all at the same time.  Use a 22 rimfire to teach someone the basics of marksmanship, then move to the larger calibers.

On a personal note, when I heard Ian talking about comments people had posted, I wondered if the people posting comments were armchair commandos?

Rather than starting with a 22 rimfire, my dad had me shooting a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun at around 3 years old. He would kneel behind me, help hold the bb gun, then I would shoot a metal sign on the side of the barn. At that age, I did not get to keep the BB gun, mom and dad kept it put up.

A few years later, I moved up to a 22 long rifle and a Winchester single shot 410 shotgun.

When I hear people saying, “Start off with a 30-06”, I wonder where they learned to shoot? Sure, there are going to be parents who put their children behind a full sized firearm right off the bat. My personal feelings, the 22 long rifle is second best place to start, with a BB gun being the first place.

However, not everyone has the luxury of having parents who teach their children to shoot. Some people have to skip the BB rite of passage and go straight to the 22 long rifle, which is too bad.

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