One to Watch: LA Police Gear TBFK


One to Watch: LA Police Gear TBFK

Let’s say your goal is to launch a single product that puts your brand on the map. Let’s say, in this hypothetical, that you are an existing brand, but you want to develop your own line of products in an area that is not something you have sold historically. What do you do?

One approach is to make something that is super cheap. The other approach is to make something that is competitive with the best products in this new market.

LA Police Gear did both when they launched the TBFK. This knife represents such a huge value that pretty much every other knife company in the production world should take notice.

The TBFK is a spec beast (which, coincidentally, is an awesome name for a product and untaken–feel free gear companies). This is a 3.3 inch bladed knife with a bearing pivot flipper, sculpted G10 handles, and S35VN steel. That alone makes the TBFK very competitive.

It’s quite competitive, for example, with some of the Kizer flippers. The excellent Kizer Gemini comes with titanium handles, but other than that, it and the TBFK are basically the same knife on paper. For the record, I prefer G10 to titanium on handles. The Gemini, coming in around $120 street, is a great value so the TBFK needs to do something else to be competitive. And it does.

This knife retails for $35. No, that’s not a typo. I didn’t forget a digit. The TBFK is about $100 less than a knife that is already one of the best values on the market. Its such a good value that honestly the only thing I can think of is that it is a loss leader.

The TBFK is the knife equivalent to the Vizio 4K TV sold on Black Friday for cost–it is a huge bargain. But unlike the Vizio, the TBFK is on sale every day of the year on LA Police Gear’s site. If you are going to break in to a new market this is how you do it.

The TBFK is full of smart design choices to complement its price tag and its materials. First the handle is a very shapely one without finger grooves or other handle weirdness. The knife uses a very simple and nice looking deep carry pocket clip. Finally, the blade itself is again, a simple high utility shape–a classic drop point blade with no serrations or recurve. Over and over again LA Police Gear made smart design choices to complement all of the other marketplace firepower they gave the knife.

If you are in the market for a mid sized folder or you simply found some money in your couch cushions (yeah, its that cheap), take a look at the TBFK. If the in-hand performance and fit and finish both match the specs and design choices, this is a knife that resets the entire knife market in terms of price/performance comparisons. Oh, and just in case you are wondering, it’s The Best F***ing Knife.


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