Confessions of a Shotgun Collector


Confessions of a Shotgun Collector

Shotgun collection, do you have one? I happen to have one that some would call a collection and some would call a small start. I have 17 total shotguns at the time of this article. I do plan on buying more over the years also to increase the collection.

I started out with Winchesters. I am a fan of Winchester shotguns and rifles, and also old magazine ads from the 40’s and 50’s of their shotguns, rifles and ammo. The ads I frame and hang in the “man cave and reloading room”. My favorite Winchester is a model 1897 hammer model that was built in 1937. I wish the guy I got this from would have left it be, but he had all the metal re-blued. Of course, it is a beautiful job on the bluing, I will say that.



So now I have to refinish the wood stock on it. It’s not bad at all, just need refinishing. No cracks or any broken chunks or anything. So this is my favorite in the collection. I also have a 1930 Winchester model 12 that I also care a lot about. Along with a few Winchester 1300’s and a 1400 also in the collection.

Then there are three side by sides, one O/U and a Remington model 10 from I believe 1950. There are a couple Ithaca model 37 Featherlights one 1952 and one from 1964 in the collection also. But my point is collection of shotguns is something that you should think about doing.

I like going around to garage sales and pawn shops looking for shotguns for the collection. Its fun looking at all of them on the wall and picking out ones you are interested in. Then there is the fun of the price haggling with the guy at the pawn shop of the person behind the table at the garage sale. It’s what I like to call, “Part of the dance!”

Part of my collection

Shotguns are fun to work on, shoot, and collect, and sometimes you find a diamond in the rough and get a great price on one that is worth a lot more than you bought it for. So if you are looking for a great hobby and a way to spend a few afternoons working on the older ones to bring them back up to snuff, I highly recommend shotgun collecting.

Stay safe and hope to see you out there!


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