The Kimber K6S 3-Inch


The Kimber K6S 3-Inch

Kimber of America may just be approaching near perfection with their latest revolver. The new K6S, stainless, 6-shot, fixed sighted revolver is now sporting an impressive 3-inch barrel. For pocket carry, inside the waist band, or back in the small of the hip, or a crossdraw this six round powerhouse should be a great concealed carry gun.

Kimber’s claim is that is revolver is the lightest, 6 shot, 3-inch, .357 Magnum production handgun in the world. That’s OK with me, since I can’t disclaim that brag. Even if it is not that, no matter, it is one snappy 6 shooter designed for personal protection and close quarters exchanges, hence the dovetailed open rear sight that simply lines up with the front ramp white dot sight.

This K6S features well thought out ergonomics for a quick, firm grip grab. The trigger is a smooth match grade model for effortless double action shooting, since there is no hammer to have to hand cock on this revolver. The grips are large, smooth, walnut and the gun’s overall stainless finish is a brushed satin to reduce glare and obtrusive notice in public.

Handlers of this .357 Magnum will note the cylinder is not grooved, which does add some weight to help control the exchange of internal hammer onto a primer with the resultant torch of fire. The revolver’s total weight is 23 ounces empty. The overall length is 7.62 inches, and 1.39 inches wide. It is a slender piece of work that should holster sweetly.

As mentioned, the construction is stainless steel, so it should also resist body sweat and element exposure in the highest order. That is good for a carry handgun especially in some wet, and high humidity areas of the country. The finish is brushed and the backstrap is serrated for a firm, no slip grip. The cylinder release is a push-button design for positive cylinder opening.

The rear sight is fully dovetailed into the frame. It is a very low profile line of sight type affair, so it should not snag on clothing or anything else. Also the sights are of the 3-dot type for quick and easy pick up and shooting sight alignment for surefire target acquisition.

Shooters should also note immediately that all the edges of this handgun have been “melted” which simply means smoothened out. There are no square edges anywhere on the revolver.

The Kimber K6S should be available very soon at a retail price of $899.

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