Shakespeare Catch More Fish: ICAST 2017


Shakespeare Catch More Fish: ICAST 2017

(Press Release) – With the new Shakespeare Catch More Fish combo, anglers will have everything they need to enjoy a day on the water. In addition to a Shakespeare rod and reel, the combo also includes top brands in bait and line: Berkley PowerBait and Gulp and Stren.


  • New bungee technology allows the two rod sections to fold together, reducing risk of tip breakage, for storage and tip fly-away prevention
  • A second bungee connector attaches the tip section to the rod butt, also for easier transport and storage.
  • Tacklebox can be attached to the rod for convenience
  • Tacklebox includes: Berkley bait, species specific tackle and rigging guide
  • Reels pre-spooled with Stren monofilament line
  • Variety of reel types including spinning, spincast and casting
  • Species specific tackle boxes also available individually

MSRP: $29.99-$49.99

Species Specific Tackle Boxes $11.99-$14.99


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