Watch: Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70


Watch: Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70

Hickok45 has finally made a video about the Springfield Trapdoor rifle chambered in 45-70.

It says a lot for the 45-70 that it is still being shot today. The cartridge was designed in 1873, and is still being commercially produced today.

Towards the end of 2015, some of my buddies and I were at a shooting range between Bridge City and Vidor, Texas. While we were at the range, there was a guy a couple of tables down who was shooting a Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70. He saw us admiring his rifle from a distance, so he called us over. After talking for a few minutes, he offered to let each of us shoot his rifle. I was the first one to take up his offer.

From my limited personal experience with the 45-70, I have to say it was a pleasure to shoot. The recoil was not near as bad as I had expected.

Now for the video.

It is always a pleasure to watch Hickok45. He comes across as a very sincere and honest person.

Watching the video is like watching history. The Springfield model 1873 trapdoor was the first breech loading rifle issued to the United States military. This was a massive step forward in firearms technology because the rifle was no longer loaded from the muzzle. This forever changed the rifles were designed.

There were other breech loading rifles at the time, but the Springfield Trapdoor was the first breech loading rifle to be adopted by the U.S. military.

A special thank you goes out to Hickok45 for making another excellent video. Please keep up the great work.

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