Watch: Light Machine Guns in Finland


Watch: Light Machine Guns in Finland

The guys at Forgotten Weapons made a trip to Finland and were able to make a trip to a shooting range. While at the range, they shot the DP-28 and LS-26.

DP-28 is a Russian machine gun used from 1920 to the 1960s and was chambered in 7.62×54R . In the video, Ian says the Finnish troops preferred the Russian DP-28 over their own machine gun. The machine

LS-26 was used by Finland from 1930 to the 1950s and was chambered in 7.62×53R. The 7.62X53R was based off the Russian 7.62X54R.

According to the video, the LS-26 had various issues that made it lose favor with the Finnish troops. When Russian DP-28 machine guns were captured, the Finnish troops started using the DP-28.

Now for the video.

While some people may find this kind of video boring, we are watching a piece of history. Without various models and designs, the world would not have the weapons we have today.

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