Five Reasons Preppers Should use Amazon


Five Reasons Preppers Should use Amazon

Before the internet came along, if you wanted something, you either bought it from a store our bought it out of a magazine. In the 1980s, there were many times when I got a money order, cut the order form out of a magazine, mailed the order form and money order, then two-three weeks later, the package would arrive. Sometimes the package would arrive a month later, sometimes six weeks later.

Then the Internet came along and there were millions of websites to shop at. I remember comparing prices at dozens of sites. It never failed that after the item was bought, there was a website I had never heard of that had the item for cheaper, or had better shipping.

One Place

The beauty of Amazon is that they have everything at one place. Looking for a new knife? No problem, there is an almost unlimited number of knives to look through.

Shopping through dozens of websites is a thing of the past.

Amazon has just about everything the modern prepper could want.

Before Amazon, big box stores like Wal-Mart ruled the retail market. If Wal-Mart did not have it, you had to go shopping on dozens of websites.

Level Playing Field

One of the beauties of Amazon, is the site is now open to third party sellers.  Have an item for sale?  No problem. See this page about becoming a seller – Getting Started.

Someone who has an idea and is making a product can put their wares in front of the world without all the hassle of building their own website, hosting, and shopping carts.

This allows the small business owner to compete head-to-head with the biggest brand names on the planet. No more trying to get your products into the big box mart. No more marketing to large companies to carry your products.


Some of the reviews on Amazon are hilarious, such as the reviews on Uranium Ore.

If you like an item, say so.

If you do not like an item, say so.

Amazon is one of the first places I go to read reviews on a product.

When buying my prepping gear, I want to make sure I get the best value for my money. Amazon reviews allows me to make an informed decision.

Prime Shipping

Free two day shipping with Prime membership is wonderful. Living in a rural area like I do, Amazon Prime is a lifeline to the rest of the world. No longer do I have to rely on Wal-Mart to carry the items I want.

It is cheaper for me to buy a Prime membership, than to drive the 100 miles to the nearest city and hope the store has an item in stock.

Prime shipping only applies to items sold by Amazon. If you buy from third party sellers, you may have to pay shipping. Even with paying shipping, it is cheaper to buy from a family owned business who sells on Amazon than it is to drive 20 miles one way to go into town.

As a prepper, my goal is to develop a self-sustainable homestead far away from any city. Having to drive 100 miles to buy certain items is self-defeating.


I recently bought a Sawyer PointOne water filter bundle that came with inline adapters. The adapters allow the filter to be connected to a hose and placed between bottles or bags. One of the inline adapters was missing.

Amazon customer service was called and I was talking to a live person within seconds. We talked about my order and I explained parts were missing.

The next day a replacement filter was delivered.

If I had bought that filter in Beaumont or Lufkin Texas, I would have to drive close to 100 miles to get it replaced.

With customer service like that, why should I buy anywhere else?

Final Thoughts

Amazon has become an integral part of my prepping plans. Currently, I am working on turning the Sawyer PointOne water filter into a group sized water filter. The plan is to have three Sawyer filters, with only one in service at a time, a house sized filter for sediment, then three or four water bags.

I am finding just about everything I need on Amazon. Fittings for the heavy sediment pre-filter will be bought at a local retail store. That is only because I need to hand select certain parts.

Whether it is knives, backpacks, tents, or first aid supplies. Amazon has made my prepping a whole lot easier.

For people who say I should be buying from family owned websites, tell them to become a third party seller on Amazon and put their products in front of the world.

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