One to Watch: Arcform Slimfoot


One to Watch: Arcform Slimfoot

Geoff Blauvelt is something of a community darling in the knife world. He is one of us–a guy that likes knives. Through hard work and some true design and marketing inspiration he blazed a path that many of since followed. He was originally a knife collector. Then he started modifying his own knives. Then he showed them off and became something of a YouTube sensation. Then he started modifying knives for others. The reveals and soundtrack for these videos were catnip to knife fans 5 years ago. Then, after more carbon fiber scaled PM2s mods than you can imagine, he made the leap from modder to maker.

His Toads were a big hit. Then he made his first flipper–the Tanic. And since then his trajectory has been stratospheric. His customs command big money and his designs are really unique and different.  He has had a production collab with Boker for the Toads, but until now he has had no real encounter with higher end production stuff.

Arcform is a new company in the knife world. They have exactly one product–the Slimfoot. But all of the decisions they have made to arrive at this point have been very good ones.

First, the designer, the aforementioned Blauvelt, has just the right balance of cache and interest. Second, the design–they could have chosen anything in Blauvelt’s catalog, but this knife is the right combination of uniqueness and trend setting style.

Then there is their choice of OEM–Reate. It is a sign when, instead of hiding the OEM’s name, the company advertises it. Reate is one of the best makers of knives out there right now and this knife, plus their Steelcraft series from Todd Begg, points to the fact that they can made just about anything. One knife, a new company, and a pile of good decisions.

The Slimfoot itself looks quite interesting. First you have the blade shape–a modified sheepsfoot. The tip is rounded, and the belly is the just-right, continuous curve referenced by Mors Kochanski. It is highly functional and stylish. Plus its not as aggro as some of the designs out there.

Then there is the choice of hardware–all Torx on this knife. Reate can do as decorative a pivot as the next company, but instead of some wild shape, they stuck with something that is easily user serviceable. The choice of a titanium framelock flipper feeds the market what it wants to eat, and the tasteful carbon fiber accent works wonders in bringing some texture differences to an otherwise solid hunk of titanium. The choice of S35VN is also a good one–a solid all around performer that doesn’t break the bank.

At $350 the Slimfoot is good price for an interesting knife. As a first offering Arcform could have done a lot worse. Every single decision that helped bring the knife to market was a very wise one. This is an auspicious beginning for Arcform. And it makes me intrigued to see what their follow up product will be.

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