Online Tool Helps Anglers Find More Fish


Online Tool Helps Anglers Find More Fish

Locating fish is always an angler’s biggest dilemma. But the The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has creative an innovative way to help fishermen find their targets before they even leave home with a remarkable website too called, “Click Before You Cast.”

The tool uses a detailed 8-step scientific method to locate the most choice fishing spots based on water clarity, types of structure, water purity, saline density and oxygen. By using such data anglers can target their desired fish species, then locate the waters that most likely will offer the best angling for the type fish.


The Maryland DNR monitors a wealth of data from its environmental protection agencies and other government arms, and posts a wealth of data that not only protects water environments, but aids anglers in the process with data commonly needed by sport fishermen.

“When this goldmine of data and monitoring information is combined and distilled, it can provide anglers with a powerful new tool to avoid unproductive waters, save fuel, and increase the chances of fishing success,” said Tom Parham of DNR’s Resource Assessment Service. “This is a great example of using science to serve multiple partners and purposes while providing valuable customer service for Maryland residents and visitors.”


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