Texas Campus Carry Expands to Junior Colleges


Texas Campus Carry Expands to Junior Colleges

Starting August 1st 2017, students of community colleges will be able to carry their concealed handguns on campus, but with conditions.

As reported by FoxNews,

Texas ‘Campus Carry’ law now applies to community colleges.

Greg Cunningham, Chief of the Houston Community College Police Department, made it clear in a video posted on the college’s website that the weapons must be concealed and the person with the weapon must be licensed.

However, licensed carriers may not carry everywhere.

There are permanent and temporary weapons free zones, according to Cunningham. Permanent gun free zones include childcare centers and early college high schools. Temporary weapons free zones include areas on campus where special events are taking place. There will be temporary and permanent gun free zone signs in those locations that are highly visible, Cunningham said.

Allowing the carry of firearms on college campuses is a step forward for gun rights.


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Look closely at the quote from FoxNews,

There are permanent and temporary weapons free zones.

We have a right to keep and bear arms, that shall not be infringed. For some reason, a college who receives tax payer money feel they can restrict rights?

Let’s apply that statement to other rights,

“There are permanent and temporary women free zones.” Discrimination against women is prohibited by law.

“There are permanent and temporary African-American free zones.” Sorry, can not do that.

“There are permanent and temporary Jewish free zones.” Nope, can not do it.

The above examples are protected rights. Yet, gun owners accept that their right to keep and bear arms can be restricted? Why?

Why are gun rights considered second class rights?

Personally, I applaud the expansion of concealed carry. However, it is not enough. Gun owners have to keep demanding that our rights are just as important as all other rights.

No permit required to:

  • Vote.
  • Go to church.
  • Make a political statement.
  • Trial by jury.
  • Protection against inhumane treatment.

Then why do we have to have a permit to exercise our right to keep and bear arms, that is not supposed to be infringed?

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