NJ Spent $482K for 4,775 Guns, Just to Melt Them


NJ Spent $482K for 4,775 Guns, Just to Melt Them

A gun buyback program conducted in three New Jersey counties is being hailed as the most successful in state history.

A record setting 4,775 guns were bought at a cost of $481,620. Those 4,775 guns will be heading to the melting pot.

From New Jersey 101.5 – NJ paid $482K in cash to get these guns in order to melt them.

The gun buyback program that was held in Camden, Newark and Trenton on Friday and Saturday is being hailed as the most successful program of its kind in state history.

The article goes on the say:

Porrino pointed out more guns were collected during this buyback event than had ever been collected in a single year by law enforcement arrests and seizures, and this buyback total was at least 2,000 higher than previous ones held around the state.

He said assault weapons are designed to pierce body armor, “and getting just one off the street has tremendous value, not to mention getting 129 off the street in two days.”

Porrino said a total of $481,620 in cash was paid out for the guns, all of it coming from criminal forfeiture funds.

A number of the firearms handed in were from people who simply wanted them out of the house, which is understandable. If someone does not understand gun safety, they may feel safer with the firearm out of the home.

The big question, how well do gun buyback programs affect crime? Chances are, the firearms being handed in were not owned by gang members or criminals. They were sitting in a closet collecting dust and someone took the opportunity to sell the firearm.

While writing this article, I did a Google search for “crime goes down after gun buyback” and was not able to find anything to support the claim that gun buyback programs reduce crime. If buybacks do not reduce crime, why are governments spending money on them?

Next question, would that $481,620 been better served by spending it on community outreach programs? Maybe give college grants to young adults who could not afford to go to college? How about set up job training programs at the local community college?

We all know the answer to that question. Buyback programs are not about crime, they are about disarming the poor and needy.

It appears the local government of three New Jersey counties would rather buy firearms that are collecting dust and then melt them down, than to help undeserved communities.

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