Watch: Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Range Day


Watch: Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Range Day

We talked about the X-Five in a previous article – Sig Sauer P320 X-Five. The first article talked about the first impressions and specifications of the X-Five. In this article, we get to see the X-Five in action.

The Sig Sauer P320 X-Five is a full sized handgun that is marketed towards competition and range shooters.

Special thank you to the TheFireArmGuy for making another great video.

The P320 won the Modular Handgun Contract (XM17) which replaced the Beretta m9. There have been accusations the U.S. Military handed the contract to Sig without fully testing the handgun. It is important to watch the Sig P320 as it hits the civilian market.

How well will the P320 perform when it gets 30,000+ rounds through it? When some shooters get 35,000+ rounds through the P320, we will see how well it holds up, just like what happened during the M9 testing during the 1980s.

P320 X-Five Features

From the first impressions video.

  • Adjustable blacked out rear sights.
  • Fiber optic front sight.
  • Flared magazine well.
  • Extended beaver tail.
  • Flat faced trigger.
  • Comes with four 21 round magazines.
  • Five inch match grade bull barrel.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to see a handgun company offering consumers so many options. In the range video, the X-five slide is placed on the frame of a compact model.

Magazines are interchangeable between the different models, which is a big selling point. In all honesty, it is nice to see another company besides Glock that takes standardization into consideration. One of the big selling points of Glock, is magazines are interchangeable between different models. This is something the Beretta APX did not do; 92f magazines do not fit the APX.

Special thank you to TheFireArmGuy for making another great video. Keep up the excellent work.

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