Five Ways to Keep Essentials Stockpiled


Five Ways to Keep Essentials Stockpiled

Years ago, my buddys and I developed a system for keeping essentials stockpiled. Slowly, over the years, I drifted from that system but did not realize it until the other day. I was getting ready to take a shower, needed a bar of soap, looked at the shelf and realized the soap stockpile was dangerously low.

How did this happen? If I had stuck with the plan everything would of been fine. Things like this happen. We forget about certain topics, or put things on the back burner.

It is time to review. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about ways to keep essentials stockpiled.

Ordering Online

When ordering online, add some kind of prepping item to the order.  This could be from Amazon, Ebay, or some other site.  For example, over the past few weeks I have been adding first aid supplies to my Amazon orders.

One of the recent orders was a Swiss Army knife. Included with that order was a box of non-sterile first aid gloves and a box of bandages.

Another order was a shock collar for my dog. With that order was a box of bandages.

With the Swiss Army knife and the shock collar, I went to Amazon to order just those items. While I was shopping, some first aid supplies were added to the shopping cart.

While I was shopping at amazon, I walked into the bathroom, looked at the first aid supplies, said something like, “I need more of those.” Went back to the computer, add some of those to the shopping cart. With a couple of clicks a box of those were on the way.

Grocery Shopping

We all go to the store to buy food. Chances are, the store is going to have a pharmacy or health and beauty section.

While buying groceries, go by the health and beauty section and pick up a couple of items.

There are certain thing just about all of us buy – shampoo and soap for example. While buying groceries, pick up a couple extra items.

Auto Parts Store

Maybe you change your own oil or tinker with the vehicle?

While at the auto parts store, pick up some extra motor oil, transmission fluid, lube, grease or even tools.  Some auto parts store have hand tools with a lifetime warranty. Maybe pick up a pair of pliers, screwdriver, and tape.

I like to keep spray lubricate, motor oil and a few other things on hand.

With just a little time and effort, it is easy to keep vehicle essentials stockpiled.

Hardware Store

Ever go to the hardware store? Buy an extra box of nails, screws, maybe some hand tools. I like to keep several boxes of certain screw sizes on hand, along with bits.

I watch the sales paper for the local hardware store. When they have a good sale, I see if there is anything I need.

The other day, a door was built for the chicken house. I had everything in stock needed to do the job, even the hinges and latch.


Take some kind of prescription medicine? While picking up your medicine, pick up a few extra items. This could be soap, shampoo, and first aid supplies.

You may pay a little more for it at a local pharmacy than online, but you are supporting a local business.

Final Thoughts

What stores around your town sell items that could be related to prepping? How often do you go into those stores and overlook prepping items?

Some people may not view hand tools as prepping items. However, how else do you work on your vehicle?

It is the little things that are often overlooked. So, take some time and keep those essentials stockpiled.


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