Watch: Survival Lilly Reviews the Fällkniven S1 Fixed-Blade Knife


Watch: Survival Lilly Reviews the Fällkniven S1 Fixed-Blade Knife

Lilly used and abused this knife — the Fällkniven S1 — and wasn’t happy with the results. Here’s what she says in the video description:

Unfortunately the Fällkniven S1 did not hold up to my standards. Broken sheath, broken tip, chipping, handle being to small and wearing out too fast led me to this point of view. I don’t consider this being an effective survival tool that you can trust your life with.

Yikes. And all this from a cutter billed on the manufacturer’s website as “one of the best knife ever made for outdoor adventure and fishing.”

First, the sheath: It broke and failed to retain the knife, causing it to become lost. Un-good.

Next, the tip broke off. Doh! And the cutting edge is missing a bunch of chips, although the hardest thing it was used on was wood and coconuts.

But I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow; instead, watch Lilly!

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