Four Reasons Preppers Should Use Ebay


Four Reasons Preppers Should Use Ebay

In another article we talked about five reasons preppers should use Amazon. One of the readers commented, “Nice ad for amazon.” To which I replied, “No ad, just posting how I feel. An article about Ebay is coming soon.”

So, here it is, reasons for preppers to use Ebay.

I have been using Ebay for close to 15 years. During that time I have ordered everything from a jeep drive shaft, to large ALICE packs. More recently, I have been using Ebay to phase out my ALICE gear to the more modern MOLLE.

So, here are my reasons why I like to use Ebay.

Old Stuff

Starting the in late 1980s until around 1999, I had various magazine subscriptions. These were publications such as Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times and Backpacker magazine. Somewhere in the past 30 years a lot of those magazines went missing. Some of the were brought to the deer camp, where other people may have taken them home. Others may have been tore apart by a pet or accidentally thrown away.

When the XM17 Modular Handgun System was announced, I wanted to go back to those old magazines and read up on the M9 trials. As chance would have it, a lot of my magazines from the 1980s were missing. After searching for a month, I was able to find the exact magazines that I was looking for. One of the magazines was Shooting Times, January 1990. The title of the magazine was “Beretta wins the war.”

Around 2003 I bought a 1981 Jeep CJ5. The rear drive shaft needed to be replaced and I was able to find a replacement shaft on Ebay.

Then there are the old issues of American Survival Guide that were lost over the decades.  Even to this day I enjoy reading those old back issues of ASG.

Ebay Email Notifications

Something that I love about Ebay, you can do a search for an item, then subscribe to that search.

For example, I am in the market for a medium MOLLE pack. This is the only pack needed to finish my military surplus MOLLE pack collection.

Current packs:

I get emails just about daily when someone adds a medium MOLLE, or something in woodland camo MOLLE. Having the search results sent to my email saves a great deal of time.

Good Deals

Sometimes there are some great deals on Ebay, sometimes not so great. There is an old saying, “Let the buyer beware,” and that applies to Ebay.

The magazines mentioned earlier, I got three Shooting Times magazines from January, February and March 1990 for $2.95. That was $2.95 for all three, plus shipping.

Sometime around 2012 two of my sons and I were planning a camping trip. They needed a backpack, so I ordered a bundle deal of two large ALICE packs. These were complete packs with frames, belt and shoulder straps.  Total price was around $45 plus shipping. Prices like that on ALICE gear are gone forever.

Then there are the not so good deals.  Such as sellers who jack the price up dramatically. Backpacks that normally sell for $25, some people ask $75, or even $100. Shop around and buyer beware.

Military Surplus

The thing I love most about Ebay is the military surplus. This is a preppers dream come true. Sleeping bags, packs, canteens, canteen pouches, and boots. Everything you could want or need.

It is not “just” the surplus, as the condition is usually listed and there are pictures. If you want to save some money by going with a lower grade item, the option is there. If you want to spend more money on a higher grade item, the option is there.

Final Thoughts

The thing about Ebay, is buyer beware. We have all heard of people being ripped off. That is why I only buy from sellers who have an established reputation. My uncle bought a car on Ebay motors. He never got the car nor got money back.

There are certain prepping items that I can only find on Ebay; such as a wide selection of surplus packs and pouches.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please share them in the comments section.


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