Watch: How to Silence a Recurve Bow


Watch: How to Silence a Recurve Bow

It takes Lilly a little while to get to the point in this video; after all, she’s catering to the manufacturer of the bow, which sponsored the video. Finally at about 2:42, she starts talking about how loud the bow is.

Once she gets down to business, she discovers a hollow (and some looseness) in the riser’s limb pockets. Some application of cotton & fabric takes care of that.

Afterward, the bow is quieter, and she even says it is more accurate.

Some strips of beaver pelt are applied to dampen string noise. The end result looked a lot better than I’d expected; she did a good job.


She calls the bowstring the sinew, although it’s surely not made of sinew. Come to think of it, it’s probably not made of string, either.

Then she glues some fuzzy velcro onto the bow limbs where the string rides against them.

The net result is impressive.

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