Vickers Glock Models


Vickers Glock Models

There are millions of Glocks out there now, and some are great and some not so great. For the longest time you could only get them in black, and that seemed good enough for most. Then Larry Vickers stepped up.

I believe in Nov of 2014 one of the biggest nationally known firearms distributors, Lipsey’s, teamed up with combat veteran Larry Vickers to create the first Vicker’s Glocks. They were in FDE frame and the black color slide and had in my opinion the best Glock frame ever made, the Gen 3 RTF2. Instead of the pebble type grip or now the raised type grip these are little “spikes” frames. Not enough to hurt but just enough to hold the gun in place.

And they come with Larry Vickers designed enhancements, like the Vickers Elite sights (By Wilson Combat) Tritium front sight, and a bag with Vickers Tangodown parts including the mag base plates, enhanced mag release, and slide release.

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I now own both the newest models out there in the G17 & G19 with the FDE color slide also. You can tell a TRUE Vickers model by the serial number, the LAV is at the end and part of the guns serial number. Some people are buying the enhanced parts, putting them on FDE Glocks and trying to sell them online as true Vickers models.

For me the biggest reason I wanted these was the frames, and the extra work done in producing these pistols. Most, not all other Glocks have a loose slide to frame fit and you can more or less “Rock” the slide left & right while it’s on the frame (Even my Gen 3 G17 racegun does this a little. I am sending it to Johnny Glocks for his custom fitting work to be done on it at the end of this year) but these Vickers models, both the 17 and 19 that I have do not rock at all which means better accuracy.

Larry is retired Delta Force and knows weapons. So he took a great pistol and with a few things he designed made it into a superb fighting machine

I will say if you can find a Vickers Glock, either new or used get it. Once you shoot it you will see the frame difference and ask the same thing I ask, “Why is Glock not using the frame on ALL their models?”

I will say this now about the Glock colors you can now get: STOP! We went from limited colors to just about any color, and I am sorry but a 1955 Chevy Powder blue does not make a Glock look better.

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