Watch: 3 Videos of the Gidget Brumby Off-Road Camper


Watch: 3 Videos of the Gidget Brumby Off-Road Camper

The tiny Gidget “retro teardrop campers” have been around for a few years now. At first glance, they appear to be a suburbanite’s dream: Small and low, easy to tow, and they expand for setup (without any canvas). But they also offer off-road versions, bearing the Brumby name (which is Aussie-speak for “wild horse”).


This video shows the Brumby being used off-road and highlights some of its features. (I must admit, I wonder where anyone is going to find a pressure washer at at off-road destination so they can wash the thing before they set up. It must be an Australian thing.)

The campers are made in Australia; American buyers would need to make arrangements to pick theirs up at the port of Los Angeles or Gidget’s USA headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia¬†(or pay extra for home delivery). It’s all explained on their “process to buy” page.

This vid shows a guy closing up the camper, folding up the optional awning, etc.

And finally, this next video has a few more details about its construction and shows some off-road torture-testing. It clearly has good ground clearance and is made for use in the bush.


It’s pretty impressive how nimble the little thing is. They took it through a lot of nasty slop and up-and-down terrain. It has a 5-year structural warranty and 2-year suspension warranty.

The price? Well, 25 to 30 thousand bucks. Yikes!

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