Watch: Quick Survival Fish Trap From a Plastic Bottle


Watch: Quick Survival Fish Trap From a Plastic Bottle

I admit, I chose this video partially because of the cheesy voiceover. I find it oddly entertaining to hear the heavily-accented English spoken in this way; kinda like a text-to-speech foreign robot voice.

Be aware that the preview thumbnail is a lie. The trap in the video looks nothing like that.

And its title is misleading; if you can make this trap in 30 seconds, you’re moving faster than the guy who shows you how. But still, it’s worthwhile. Who knows when you might end up hungry and alone in the boondocks, in need of some small fish for lunch (or for bait to catch larger fish)? Better to have this knowledge and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Check it out:

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