Sawyer PointONE as a Gravity Filter


Sawyer PointONE as a Gravity Filter

Sawyer has revolutionized the water filter market with their Sawyer PointONE and Sawyer Mini. Both filters come with a bag that can be filled from a water source, attached to the filter, then the bag is “squeezed” to push the water though the filter. However, the Sawyer PointONE has such a good flow rate, gravity can pull the water through the filter.

There are numerous videos on YouTube showing the Sawyer PointONE being used with a hydration bladder. Since I was in the market for a new filter, I decided to purchase the components to make a gravity filter set up.

Items purchased:

The outlet hose needed to be attached to the canteens, so a hose and clip were taken from a Katadyn Vario.

The Platypus water bladder has a large zlip-lock on the end with a sliding piece that allows the bladder to be hung from a tree. On each side of the bladder are slots for snap rings. This is where the two Nite Ize s-biners went.

A piece of green trotline string was cut around six – eight feet long and then tied between the s-biners.

Sawyer PointONE Tests

The gear was loaded in a medium MOLLE pack and brought to a creek just a few hundred feet from from my house.  The hydration bladder was filled with water, hung from a tree and the Sawyer PointONE was attached to the hose.

Just a few seconds after opening the PointONE, water started flowing out. I was very impressed with the flow rate.

While hiking in hot weather it is wise to rehydrate as often as possible. I can burn though a canteen and a half when eating lunch. Rather than having to pump water to refill the canteens, the bladder is hanging from a tree ready to refill containers on demand.


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