Four Cheap Military Surplus Gear Deals


Four Cheap Military Surplus Gear Deals

When it comes to military surplus, we imagine an endless supply from military warehouses. However, nothing last forever, and neither do cheap prices. Just like everything else, military surplus gear goes up and down in price. Usually, it stats off high, goes down as supply spikes, then goes up as supplies dry up.

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about various military surplus items that may be at basement prices as of August 2017.

Ebay will take the description and item down after the sale is complete. So, descriptions and prices will be posted.


Almost eight years ago I bought my large MOLLE pack and paid close to $50 for it.  Price did not include frame, belt or shoulder straps.

Here is the same pack I bought, but for $5.95 + $8.01 shipping – MOLLE II LARGE RUCKSACK FIELD PACK ACU Ruck Only.

Still looking for a better deal?  Here are (2) US ARMY MOLLE 2 II ACU C AMO LARGE MILITARY RUCKSACKS – IN GOOD CONDITION for $9.99 + $15.99 shipping.

Still not impressed?  Ok, this next price breaks down to $3.83 per pack, shipping excluded.  If you want to include shipping, the grand total comes to $7.16 per pack.


Add a USGI Molle II Rucksack Waist Belt – $4.50 + $7.50 shipping.

Good ACU MOLLE II ENHANCED SHOULDER straps – $15.19 free shipping.

MOLLE Gen IV Pack Frame for Large Rucksack – $5.20 + $10.35 shipping.

That comes out to a grand total of $49.90 for a complete large MOLLE. I paid that much just for the pack almost eight years ago.

Or, just order a complete pack with sustainment pouches for $42.89 – MOLLE II COMPLETE RUCKSACK Large Field Pack ACU with sustainment pouches Grade C.

It is not the pack that cost a lot of money, it is the shipping, frame, straps and belt.


Patrol pack

The patrol pack has to be one of the best deals on Ebay. They start around $29.99 and go up. I paid $39.99 with free shipping for my patrol pack.

Article about the patrol pack – Military Surplus Patrol Pack Overview.

Canteens and Pouches

Even though ALICE packs are drying up, there are still plenty of ALICE canteen pouches to be had.

US Military Army 1 QUART CANTEEN COVER 1QT OD LC-2 POUCH CARRIER w/ CLIPS VGC – $4.75 with free shipping. For that price, you are basically paying for the shipping. That is an outrageously low price.

A canteen for $4.75 would make a great gift for a young person, or as part of a prepping handout bag.

Two quart canteens are still around, but it appears prices have inched up over the past few years.  Prices for a two quart with pouch is in the $13-$14 price range, including shipping.

USMC Digital MARPAT ILBE 3 Day Assault Pack

These are cheap on Ebay. One pack I was watching sold for $20.50 + $15.63 shipping.

A lot of the ones selling are listed in poor condition. However, they would be good for a young adult who is just getting int hiking or other outdoor activities. when I was 15 years old, I would have loved to had a pack like that.

Final Thoughts

One thing about Ebay, it takes a little while for prices to change.  It could take a couple of years for something to change very much, or prices could change quickly.

I subscribe to various Ebay notifications on products I watch, such as the patrol or assault pack.

When you buy surplus gear, it is a gamble on whether prices will go up or down. A few years ago I bought a couple of rifleman packs. Two packs cost something like $40 or $45. That same pack now sells for over $100.


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