Time To Get The ATV Serviced


Time To Get The ATV Serviced

Hunting season starts in a couple of months. Beat the preseason rush and get the ATV serviced.

Why do people wait until the last minute to do something? The ATV has been sitting in the garage (or shed) since last hunting season. It may have been used a few times during the off season. Here it is, just a few months before hunting season, and there is going to be a mad rush to get them serviced. Wait too long and the shop will tell you they are backed up for weeks.

So, let’s beat the rush, call a local ATV shop and get it down there to be serviced.


There are few things more aggravating than a dead battery. Just a charger on the battery, right? Well, those ATV batteries do not last forever.

Attempting to charge the battery, only to find out it will not take a charge, could take half a day. Those things are not cheap either. Then, they are tucked in the box under the seat and can be a pain to get to.

Sometimes, changing out a 4-wheeler battery can be an act of frustration.

Don’t forget to wire brush the cable connectors when working on the battery.


Depending on model, to change the oil filter, you have to have a special tool that grabs the end of the filter. There may not be enough room for a conventional car or truck oil wrench that grabs the body of the filter. If you do it yourself, is there an oil recycling facility around?

Be sure to check the gear lube in the front and rear end.

Check the radiator and anti-freeze level. How long has it been since the cooling system was flushed? Radiator hoses, are they cracked or need to be replaced?

Check the brake fluid.

Other Stuff

Brakes – Something that is often overlooked, is the brake system and brake pads. Going through creeks and mud play havoc on brake systems. Sometimes the parts rust so bad they break, or just stop working.

CV boots – The boots will tear, which allows water, dirt, sand, and rocks into the CV joint.

Tires – Are the tires dry rotten? Do the need to be replaced? Are the tires wore so bad they will slip and slide?

Drive Safe

When the kids drive the ATV, their safety depends on your preseason service checkup. Do you want to drive the ATV a mile to the deer stand, then walk back in the dark?

There are a couple of months until hunting season starts. Do a little work here and there and it should be ready for opening day.

While you are working on the ATV, give it a good washing. Chances are it has been collecting dust all summer.

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