Watch: DIY Guided Knife Sharpener (With Plans)


Watch: DIY Guided Knife Sharpener (With Plans)

Years ago, a friend showed up at camp with a high-falutin’ knife sharpener kit. You clamped a blade in it, and the diamond sharpeners had guide rods to help them keep a perfect angle while you sharpened the blade. I never felt like I needed it for knives, but I did like using it to sharpen broadhead blades (yes, I sharpened broadhead blades; I have always had more time than money).

This guy designs and builds one out of wood, and he’s even kind enough to include the plans at the end of the video, and encourages viewers to benefit from his hard work by saving and printing the plans for their own use.

Once the building starts, it’s sped up and without narration; instead accompanied by some sort of techno pop music which I could do without. Later on, the music gets better

After he started using fairly good tools including a table saw, I was surprised to see him using a jigsaw where a circular saw would have cut straighter.

He does stop the music occasionally, to explain a step or idea. And everything is shown clearly enough that anyone who’s mechanically inclined ought to be able to figure it out, especially with the plans he included.


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