Best AR-15 Magazine Pouches


Best AR-15 Magazine Pouches

Garand Thumb over on YouTube put together an excellent video detailing several different magazines pouches.

At the start of the video, he makes an excellent point that the word “best” is subjective. What may be the best for one person may not be what someone else needs. The magazine pouch a police officer needs will be different than someone in a airborne unit.

Four pouches are discussed in the video:

  • G-Code Scorpion
  • HSGI Taco
  • ITW Fast MAG

Now for the video.

When Garand Thumb talked about the G Code Scorpion, I like how he made a full disclosure that he had been given the pouch at no cost to himself.


To compare prices, I went to Amazon and whenever there was a color choice, I picked black.

If I were to try one, it would be the HSG TACO in Highlander camo, second would be the G-code scorpion.

If price were the deciding factor, it would be between the KYWI Shorty and the G-code Scorpion.

Final Thoughts

Let’s go back to what Garand Thumb talked about in the start of the video: what works for one person may not work for another.

I use my AR-15 around the farm or may take it on a hiking trip. As such, I like my magazines to sit deep into the pouch. There have been times when magazines got hung on vines or tree limbs. The more a magazine extends out of the pouch, the more there is to hang up on.

Any suggestions besides what was mentioned in the video?

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