Looters Hit Houston Gun Stores


Looters Hit Houston Gun Stores

Whenever there is an event, and people are hurting, there will be another group of people who will make things worse. In this case, it is looters hittingĀ gun stores in the Houston area.

As if the flooding were not enough? Thousands of people are homeless with nowhere to go, and looters are exploiting the situation.

From ABC 13, Eye Witness News – Looters steal 97 guns from 3 Houston-area stores after Harvey.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Federal government officials say looters stole nearly 100 firearms from Houston-area stores in the days following Hurricane Harvey.

The thefts happened in spite of preventative measures taken by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as Harvey approached. The agency notified local licensed firearms dealers regarding the risk of firearm theft following natural disasters and advised them on best practices to secure inventory.

Hurricane Harvey was possibly a once in a thousand-year storm. What do certain people do? Rather than helping and volunteering, they start looting.

The ATF worked with the Houston Police Department to provide security to gun stores.

Those agents are focused on the north side and 1960 corridor, where the gun stores “get hit a lot.”

Maybe the Governor should have called out the National Guard to prevent looting?

It would be easy to blame the ATF and Houston Police Department for not doing enough. However, the honest truth is, emergency services were overwhelmed.

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