Review: MTR Tuckable Holster


Review: MTR Tuckable Holster

My typical carry for Glock 23 is a belt slide by Dragon Leatherworks shown below. An extremely comfortable rig, it isn’t always discreet enough. So, when I came across the MTR Custom Leather tuckable Adversary holster (above) at Big 3 East media event in Daytona, I was intrigued. For open carry, full size pistols make more sense in any case, while the compact G23 pretty much begged for something that wouldn’t be seen.


I am a fan of full sweat shields for IWB or tuckable holsters, mainly for safer re-holstering. The Adversary had that. It also featured an adjustable angle clip of the design I hadn’t encountered before: UltiClip. Wearing a thick gun belt most of my life, I didn’t think about people who don’t — such as nurses in scrubs.


Ulticlip is one of three attachment options offered by MTR for this design. It permits clipping the holster to the waistband without a belt. With the holster inside the pants, kilt or skirt, it’s well supported and doesn’t distort the outline of the clothing too much. The angle and the rise can be adjusted, though increased tilt would also call for a stiffer garment to support it.


Overall, this method is thinner than other tuckable options, and is very simple in use. The attachment can also be swapped quickly for leather loops or regular metal clips. The number of options offered by MTR for every one of their holsters is impressive: gun model, leather color, stitching color, light or laser attachment, open or closed end, left or right hand, addition of a thumb break and numerous leather source options make for a truly customizable product. With all that, they still offer a quick turn-around time.

In use, I found this holster to be fairly comfortable and definitely hard to spot. Going to a single-stack pistol would have aided the concealment even more, but I wanted to see if the Glock could be hidden in clothes like belt-less gym shorts. It could, and it didn’t bounce excessively either. On a whim, I did an hour-long gym workout with the holster and mag carrier on–no discomfort!


MTR also makes a variety of mag pouches, including this combination mag and baton carrier. While not very discreet unless covered with a loose shirt, it’s very comfortable and makes a great companion to belt slide or paddle holsters. Since I do not normally carry a baton, I found a flashlight of a matching diameter. Others might prefer a can of pepper spray. Internal diameter is about 0.95 inch. Strangely enough, MTR web site lists this item as a light and mag carrier, as if more people carry flashlights than batons 🙂

Take a look at the MTR site. With the well-designed customization interface and equally well-manufactured product, they might have something you’d like.

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