Watch: Firing the Fith Ops Shotgun Perimeter Alarms


Watch: Firing the Fith Ops Shotgun Perimeter Alarms

These things are kinda cool. If you love guns and trinkets and gadgets and such. And who doesn’t?

They’re perimeter alarms, or rather “things that go bang.” Okay, they’re both. Made by Fith Ops, they’re available to fire a shotgun primer or a specialty 12 gauge blank shotgun shell. The idea is to make noise to 1) scare off any intruder(s) and 2) let you know that your perimeter has been breached.


You arm these things by loading and cocking them, then attach a trip line using some sort of cordage. When movement of the trip line pulls the pin, the alarm will go bang.


Hardly a new concept, but interesting anyhow. And although I’m not a fan of Taofledermaus on YouTube, this video gives you a good look at these versions — including a package showing a tent protected by these alarms from a bear — and bigfoot!


Naturally, they do dumb stuff like loading shells with black powder and red powder, magnesium, and glitter. In most cases, it’s the black powder that makes the big fireballs.


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