5 Things Wrong with Gen 5 Glocks


5 Things Wrong with Gen 5 Glocks

Generation Five Glocks are the new hot item, and it seems almost everyone is bragging about them. Besides all the love being lavishing on this handgun, there are some issues that should be addressed.

In this video, TWANGnBANG talks about some of the issues he has with the Gen 5 Glock. For the most part, I agree with him.

The issues are:

  • Plastic sights.
  • Glock hump.
  • Small slide stop.
  • Front slide serrations.
  • Mag well cutout.

After the video we will discuss each of the topics.

Plastic Sights

While TWANGnBANG talks about the Glock having plastic (or polymer) rear sights, I personally do not see an issue with it. After all, the frame is made out of polymer. So, some type of composite is good enough for the frame, but not good enough for the sights?

However, the factory Glock sights are pretty bad. My personal Glock 19 did not come from the factory sighted in. In fact, it was several inches off at just 10 yards. If someone is going to spend $600 on a handgun, tax included, the least it can do it come with three-dot sights that are sighted in.

If government agencies are going to say no to plastic sights, then to me, they should also say no to plastic frames. Even the guide rod on the Glock is some type of polymer. If the guide rod, frame and trigger are polymer, then there should be no issue with the sights being polymer.

Glock Hump

Why is there a hump at the base of the grip? Humans have been using spears and clubs for over 100,000 years. Spears and clubs do not have a hump on them.

  • Hammer handles do not have humps.
  • Broom handles, shovels, hoes, mops… do not have humps.
  • Power tools do not have humps.
  • Axes nor splitting mauls have a hump.
  • Ratchets, pliers and wrenches do hot have a hump.

There is no reason for a handgun to have a hump at the base of the grip.

Small Slide Stop

I have always wondered how people wearing heavy gloves operate the Glock slide stop?

Personally, I use the slide stop as a slide release. It would help if the slide stop / slide release were a little larger.

Some people may say, “If the slide stop protruded it would get hung on stuff,” which is a bunch of bull. The 1911 and the Beretta 92f have slide stops that stick out a lot more than the Glock’s.

Front Slide Serrations

This is a non-issue, as front slide serrations are a solution in search of a problem. The only time I hear about front slide serrations is when people press-check.

Never put anything near the muzzle, and that includes your hand. Putting your hand in front of the muzzle and using the front slide serrations to press-check violates one of the basic principles of gun safety, and that is to never point the gun at anything you do not want to shoot.

Mag Well Cutout

Once again, a solution in search of a problem. Your pinkie finger is going to slip into the cutout, and when you slam that magazine home, your finger is going to get pinched.

“Well Kevin, how do you rip the magazines out when they get stuck?” So, you are planning on your Glock having a malfunction?

How do you rip magazines from other handguns out? You grab it by the baseplate and pull it out.

Final Thoughts

How many times can Glock add and subtract the same features and call it a new product?

I may buy a Glock gen 5, but not anytime soon. There are too many other projects going on around the farm to drop $600 on something that is not that much different than my Gen 4.

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