Watch: Firing a Small Rossi 12 Gauge Pistol


Watch: Firing a Small Rossi 12 Gauge Pistol

Why do people laugh so much after they fire a gun that hurts them? Is it masochism? Stupidity? A cover-up for tears? Things that make you go, ‘Hmmmm.’

Anyhow, this video begins with a guy firing a ridiculously-short-barreled single-shot pistol in 12 gauge! You heard me. And then he laughs a lot and shakes his right hand, as if the pain can be removed by air-drying.

It’s a little Rossi, about which he tells an odd story.

After a bit of talk–and distracting hand-shaking–he gets back into action.

“My hand is still killing me,” he says. “I’m gonna fire another one.”

More laughter; more hand-shaking. And I believe those dark glasses may be concealing a tear or two.

This seems like a fine gun for Aguila’s itty-bitty 12 gauge Minishells, which work better than you might expect. At the 2017 SHOT Show, I busted some clay pigeons with the stumpy little shells.

At any rate, shooting heavy loads in a cheaply-made single-shot scattergun is never a great plan, especially when it’s a pistol.

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