Watch: Build a Propane Tank Home Forge


Watch: Build a Propane Tank Home Forge

This is an interesting video, and in it there are some things I probably would have done differently. But in the end, the results are pretty great. He builds a small home forge using some common hardware stuff and a brand-new propane tank.

What would I have done differently? Well, apart from some of the procedural stuff to save myself some work, I’d much rather buy black-iron pipes and fittings instead of paying extra for galvanized fittings and then dissolving the zinc coating with vinegar. But chances are, galvanized fittings were easier for him to find locally.

There’s no need to do a play-by-play of his process; watch it for yourself below. This forge is the sort of tool that would allow you to do all kinds of useful stuff around your farm or compound, and could definitely come in handy in a SHTF situation. Being the only tool-maker around might get you some valuable trading power after society melts down…

Check it out:

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