Media Ignores Church Shooting in Antioch, Tennessee


Media Ignores Church Shooting in Antioch, Tennessee

Sometimes it seems as if we are drowning in a sea of news. As such, it is easy to lose track of current events. However, let’s take a few minutes and talk about the September 24, 2017 church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee.

Usually when there is a so-called mass shooting, anti-gun liberals come out in force. Gun-grabbers pander to the liberal left talking about how the nation needs more gun control. Then comes the name-calling, such as in the case of Dylann Roof.

Shortly after Dylann killed several people in a Charleston church, he was branded a white supremacist. The first sentence of the WikiPedia page on him labels him a “white supremacist and mass murderer.”

For some reason, the church shooting in Antioch,Tennessee is different. The liberal left is eerily quiet.

On September 28, four days after the shooting on September 24, left-leaning Huffington Post has only posted two articles on Emanuel Kidega Samson, the alleged Antioch Tennessee Church shooter. Neither article mentions Emanuel being an immigrant from Sudan. Rather than linking to HuffPost, here is a link to the Google search results: “Emanuel Kidega Samson”.

From The Blaze: A terrorist shot up a church but the media’s too busy talking about NFL players kneeling.

Maybe you read about this story on page 14 of the newspaper. I’m not exaggerating, either. The New York Times put this mass shooting on page 14. The front page was dominated by athletes kneeling.

I’m embarrassed on behalf of all of America. Consider how the members of this church must feel. First, their place of worship is attacked by a terrorist, and then they look around and see that nobody really cares. We’re all too busy arguing about the correct physical positioning for football players during the national anthem.

Why is the liberal left so quiet, and why are they omitting important details?  Is it because the shooter does not fit their agenda? Could it be becauseit does not fit their narrative that mass shooting crimes are only performed by angry white men?

If we look back at similar crimes, such as the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, we see an excellent example of liberal bias.

The Aurora shooting happened on July 20, 2012. Three days later, Huffington Post posted an article about assault weapons: Automatic Weapons vs. French Cheese: Which Is Easier To Buy In The U.S.? The article is misleading because true automatic weapons are heavily regulated.

Antioch Tennessee Church Shooting, four days later, and only two mentions of the shooting with important details omitted, and no calls for gun control.


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