Watch: A Fireball-Shooting “Rifle” You Can Own


Watch: A Fireball-Shooting “Rifle” You Can Own

So you love fire, you love guns, and if the two were merged together you’d feel like you’ve died and gone to Heaven, right? Well my friends, that is exactly what inventor Al Stahler has done for us in creating his Plasma Popper, a magnificently useless must-have device which uses MAP gas to create fireballs which “shoot” out the end, after providing a cool light show as it travels through a transparent coil.




And even with prices of $395 and $450 (higher for custom versions), they are sold out and there’s a waiting list. See, each one is handmade and a little different. They say, “You always get a one-of-a-kind popper.”

Here’s a quick demo of one of his helical models:

And here’s a longer video with the inventor using one and sharing some details. (This is a Facebook video; hopefully everyone can see it.) Note: You may have to un-mute the sound on this video.

They even have a Fireball Shooting Gallery which travels around to events. I know plenty of folks who would stand in line to use one of these sweet fire-flingers, including me.

This isn’t the only thing of this kind out there, but it’s surely one of the coolest, and if you’re looking for a gift idea for me, look no further. I love me some big boy toys.

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