Watch: 4 Videos of Raccoons vs. the World


Watch: 4 Videos of Raccoons vs. the World

Raccoons are mighty tough animals, and they’re bold as well. These videos show that quite well… sometimes in surprising ways.

1) Tasmanian Raccoons Attack Coyote

So you’re a coyote, you’ve found a nice dead thing staked to the ground in front of an infrared game camera, and you’re munching out. And then you see something–make that TWO somethings–out of the corner of your squinty little eye, charging at you full speed like the Tasmanian Devil!

At first, it’s tough to tell what kind of animals are fighting it out with the coyote, but after one does a coyote-assisted backflip near the camera, there’s no doubt they are ‘coons.

Impressive. Let’s watch:

2) Spring-Loaded

This one is funny. The coyote creeps up on a critter, coming up behind it in hope of an easy meal. He crouches and pounces, and immediately hops right back off of the fanged raccoon.

3) Oh Deer

It’s no secret that deer like to eat corn,¬†and so do raccoons. In this video, we see a nice whitetail buck trying to secure his share of the corn some human has poured out, conveniently in front of a camera. When he shows up, there are FIVE ‘coons munching out, but he muscles his way right on in.

The raccoons aren’t particularly bothered, and hang around longer than the buck. Why am I not surprised?

Since the area is flooded with light at night, I’d say this isn’t exactly out in the wild, but it’s still fun to watch.

4) Om Nom Squirrel!

Then there’s the time some raccoons caught & killed a squirrel in a tree, then proceeded to munch out on it.

The first minute of the video leaves you wondering whether you will ever actually see any action, but oh my, then it picks up.

Kinda gross. Enjoy!

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