Review: Wowtac A3 Flashlight


Review: Wowtac A3 Flashlight

The Wowtac A3 is a handheld flashlight that uses a single 18650 battery. This is the third Wowtac flashlight to be reviewed here on AllOutdoor; the other two were the Wowtac A2S and the A2. Both of those are headlamps, but the light can be removed from the headgear and used as a handheld.

The A3 is different from the A2S and the A2 in that the A3 is zoomable. The head of the flashlight slides back and forth to change the beam from a spot to a flood.

Package Includes:

  • Flashlight
  • Rechargeable 2600 mAh battery
  • Micro-UBS cable
  • Belt clip
  • Spare O-rings

No lanyard or carry pouch was included with my test sample.


  • Low: 16 lumens
  • Medium: 65 lumens
  • High: 220 lumens
  • Turbo: 600 lumens
  • Reading: 10 lumens
  • Weight: 4.60 ounces with battery
  • Length: 4 7/8 inches with head compressed, 5 5/16 inches with head extended.
  • Price:  As of October 8, 2017, $19.99 on Amazon, with Prime shipping.

The A3 is not waterproof, but can be exposed to rain.


  • Opens up to a nice floodlight.
  • One button for on/off and to change brightness settings. Some lights have an on/off button, then a separate button to change the settings.
  • Rechargeable 18650 battery.
  • Zoomable.

Wowtac A3


  • The lanyard hole is too small (only about 1/16 inch in diameter).
  • On/off button does not have an LED. The on/off button blends in almost perfectly with the flashlight body. Having an LED would help the user find the button.
  • The flashlight does not cast a clear light. Even though the box is marked as cool white, just like the A2 and A2S, the beam is a different color than the other lights.

Wowtac A3 Final Thoughts

After using the new A3 for close to two weeks around the farm, I prefer the older A2/ A2S lights over this A3.

If you’re going to make the lanyard hole so tiny (1/16″), why even bother?

Get rid of the lanyard hole, add a battery-health LED on the on/off button, and change the LED so it casts a clearer light.

Overall, I like the A3, but in its current state it leaves a lot to be desired. This one will probably be sent to the hunting camp.

Is the A3 a bad flashlight?  No, not at all.  Is it worth $19.99?  Yes, I think so.

I give it a final score of 8.5 out of 10.

Full Disclosure

I received the Wowtac A3 at no cost to myself. Even though the A3 was sent as a free sample, this does not affect my opinion.

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