Military Arms Channel Withdraws NRA Support


Military Arms Channel Withdraws NRA Support

Anyone who watches the Military Arms Channel on YouTube knows they have long been a promoter and sponsor of the National Rifle Association. Over the years, Tim has asked time and time again for people to join the NRA. There were even links to the NRA in the descriptions of the videos.

However, that has changed. Until further notice, MAC has withdrawn all support for the NRA.

From a statement published on the Military Arms Channel Facebook page:

Effective Immediately: I withdraw my support for the NRA until further notice. I have suspended all support and recruiting efforts. The next couple of videos I have are already edited and have a request for you to join. Please ignore that request. I am currently traveling but will remove the link in my future videos to the NRA website. I will be speaking with NRA leadership soon (hopefully) and if their position is to negotiate in any way whatsoever with anti-gun forces my future support will end and I will resign my membership.

Why the uproar?

Probably because the NRA is throwing bump fire stocks under the bus.


Since 1934, gun owners have been gradually giving up their right to keep and bear arms. A line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere, and that line is long overdue.

We will no longer compromise or negotiate our right to keep and bear arms. Any organization who is willing to compromise our right to keep and bear arms does not deserve our support.

The next logical step in restoring our freedom is to start rolling back various gun laws across the nation.

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