Carrying a The Pistol in Your Pocket


Carrying a The Pistol in Your Pocket

Pocket carrying of a concealed weapon is popular. What is simpler than taking your favorite primary concealment pocket pistol, slipping it into a soft pocket holster, and dropping it into your pants pocket? Nothing, but there are some tricks that will make it efficient and safe.

First off, any pistol carried in the pocket has to be small enough. I have seen guys try to tote a full scale 1911 or a heavy revolver in their pants pocket and it just does not work. It is easy to slip such a pistol into a pocket, but try to get it back out in a hurry. Oops.

So pick an easy-to-carry concealment pistol or revolver. Hammerless would be best, but inside a soft holster will work. Just make sure your handgun choice fits easily into a soft holster and is not too tight or hang up on the holster.

Insert the holstered pistol into your strong-side pants pocket. See how far down into the pocket your rig slides. You certainly want the gun completely concealed and out of sight, but you also want to be able to grab the pistol or holster if you need to draw it. This takes practice and is something you should do often.

Try carrying the pocketed rig around the house doing everyday activities or chores. Pay attention to how the holstered gun rides in your pocket. Even try wearing different types of pants including shorts, jeans, and dress pants to find which are the most comfortable and which pockets hold your holstered pistol in the best position.

Now, try drawing your pistol as if intending to point it in a defensive mode. It is not unusual for many soft “gripping” holsters to hang up or to be difficult to pull from your pocket. Practice this while wearing different kinds of shirts; the shirt tail will have to be lifted up to draw the pistol and this too demands practice.

You might find that using the “weak” hand to hold the soft holster from the outside helps facilitate the draw. Practice this carry mode often.

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