Watch: Make a Parabolic Mirror From a Space Blanket


Watch: Make a Parabolic Mirror From a Space Blanket

You probably want a parabolic mirror, although you didn’t know it until now. Turns out, they are pretty cool, and they make pretty good fire-starters when the sun is shining.

This guy makes his using a cheap space blanket, some PVC board material, and a few other odds & ends. The coolest thing was that he used nothing but compressed air to form the curve in the shiny Mylar surface.

He first tried Great Stuff expanding foam; results weren’t great.


Fiberglass followed, with more success… but you can be sure that when he talks about how he made it using just a $1 space blanket, he spent a heck of a lot more on materials… especially the fiberglass. But hey, who’s counting?


In the end, he can use his creation to set stuff on fire, plus make money from people like us watching him do it. Now that sounds like a win-win.

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