Watch: Joey the Guard Squirrel Foils Burglary


Watch: Joey the Guard Squirrel Foils Burglary

Squirrels are little critters, but they have sharp claws for climbing, and strong teeth for gnawing and biting… and a crazy ball of squirrel fury is something nobody wants to face. But that’s exactly what a burglar found when he tried to steal some guns from Adam Pearl’s home in Meridian, Idaho.

The homeowner returned from errands to find some signs of mischief in his home, some scratches around the lock of his steel gun cabinet, and a few things missing. His pet squirrel Joey was present but agitated.

Pearl called the police, and the female officer who responded was startled by Joey’s antics as he ran between her legs frolicking about. She left, but returned a few hours later with some of Pearl’s stolen possessions, having caught the crook. She said she had noticed scratches on the bad guy’s hands.

She asked him, ‘So did ya get that from the squirrel?’ and he said, ‘Yeah — damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left!’


If it wasn’t for all the chewed-up stuff that would surely result from having an uncaged rodent as a pet, I might consider a guard squirrel. Joey sure did a good job. As his owner said, “He’s a pain in the butt, but… he’s great.”

Joey was rewarded with his favorite treat: Whoppers brand malt ball candy.

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