Inland Introduces New .30-Cal Pistol


Inland Introduces New .30-Cal Pistol

Add this to the list of things you didn’t know you needed: A semi-automatic pistol with a 12″ barrel, chambered for the venerable 30 Carbine round. That’s right. Inland Manufacturing, a modern-day producer of M1 Carbine replicas without any relationship to the Inland Division of General Motors, has just announced a new play-purty slated for a 2018 debut: the M30-P pistol with Gear Head Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace.

Firearms marketer/wholesaler MKS Supply, which represents Inland, recently issued a press release; here are some high points:

Inland’s new M30-P pistol with Gear Head Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace is a highly modified version of Inland’s popular full size 30 caliber carbine. It is fitted into a special Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle tactical carbine stock, and comes with a Gear Head Works Mod II Arm Brace, Ergo Sure Grip pistol grip, and handy (1/2×28 tpi threaded) 12-inch barrel.

The Sage EBR M30-P chassis(*1) is specially designed for this Inland pistol and when combined with the Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace (fits the forearm, it is not a shoulder stock) makes effective one-hand shooting a breeze. The easily-removable arm brace is incredibly quick to employ for a firm, positive fit for either right or left hand use.

Inland’s 12-inch barrel delivers excellent ballistics, especially with today’s modern ammunition. Each M30-P is shipped with one 10-round magazine and, like all Inland .30 caliber carbines and pistols, the magazine catch fits higher-capacity military and civilian magazines.(*2)

These features combine to make the Inland M30-P pistol a highly efficient, compact, robust, and accurate system.

*1. The Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle stock is a MIL-SPEC black hard anodized aluminum chassis with an integral Picatinny rail made specifically for this pistol. The U.S. Military has been using a special Sage EBR M-14 chassis for select military units and operations for the last few years.

*2. Owners should check with local and state laws regarding legality of handgun magazine capacity larger than 10 rounds.

This company uses the Inland name because of its history associated with the 30 Carbine, but is an entirely different company. So far, they seem to be turning out good quality firearms.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Barrel: 12-inch threaded muzzle (½-inch x 28 tpi) with protector
  • Stock: Sage EBR Aluminum Chassis, MIL-SPEC black anodized and Gear Head Works Mod II Tail Hook Arm Brace
  • Caliber: 30 caliber carbine
  • Sight: M1 style, with adjustable peep aperture rear sight
  • Overall length with arm brace: 29 3/8 inches
  • Overall length without arm brace: 20 1/4 inches
  • Weight with arm brace: 5.5 pounds
  • Weight without arm brace: 4.5 pounds
  • Magazine: One 10-round magazine included
  • MSRP: $1699

We don’t have any specifics on availability just yet, but we will be looking for it because this thing looks like a ton of fun.

I’ve always enjoyed shooting the old original M1 Carbines, and other handguns have been chambered for it as well, including previous models in 30 Carbine guise. Too bad it’s underpowered for hunting.

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