3 Videos of Making a Revolving Shotgun From Scratch


If you like guns and/or mechanical stuff and DIY, I think you’re going to enjoy this. It shows one old gunsmith creating a six-shot revolving 12 gauge shotgun–from scratch!

I wish the quality of these videos was better, but it’s hard to beat the actual content of them. The first video opens with the aged gunsmith, Robert H McCrory, holding his homemade creation and telling us a little about it. Then we move on to where it all began.


He started by hacking the chambers off of a half-dozen old “scrap shotgun barrels,” and went on from there.


Here’s the first video: enjoy.

Video number two follows:

And finally, video 3. This one even shows him firing the gun after doing more “together-putting” and taking care of some finishing touches.

What do you think of his project? I like it a lot!

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