5 Photos of ‘Deer Warts’ or Cutaneous Fibromas


5 Photos of ‘Deer Warts’ or Cutaneous Fibromas

Cutaneous fibromas, also known as “deer warts,” are kinda gross and scary-looking, but they don’t taint the deer’s meat, nor do they cause the deer harm unless they grow in such a way as to interfere with vital functions such as eating, drinking, and breathing. This condition is apparently caused by a virus introduced by insect bites and is said to be temporary, lasting only a couple of months. But man, are they ugly.

Beka’s Doe


Huntress, bowfisher, and all-around “good ol’ girl” personality Beka Garris brought deer warts to the attention of her audience when she posted this photo of a doe she killed using traditional archery equipment. This deer also had some of the gross spots on its legs.

Concerned Hunter


The hunter who shot this whitetail doe was concerned to find his deer covered with the repulsive bumps, so he made a video.

Pennsylvania Doe


This photo was on a Pennsylvania Game Commission page, explaining what deer warts are. Yuck!

Not Too Bad


This one isn’t too disturbing… thank goodness.

I Think We’ll Just Stop Here


This buck is probably suffering, because the “warts” appear to be interfering with its vision, and probably with its breathing and ability to eat. It seems much more humane to kill that deer swiftly than to take its photo.

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