YouTube Bullying Gun Channels


YouTube Bullying Gun Channels

The decision-makers at YouTube are at it again. Popular gun channels are having the noose tightened around their necks. The only thing left to do is for YouTube to throw the lever.

It is no secret that Google, who owns YouTube, is biased against certain types of content. For years, YouTube turned a blind eye to gun videos (which certainly made a lot of money for them). Some gun channels collected several hundred thousand subscribers. For example, the Military Arms Channel has 619k subscribers, Sootch00 has 563k subscribers, and The Firearm Blog has 362k subscribers.

Nor is it a secret that various groups use YouTube to promote their agenda. A member of the group will find a video, report it to the group, and then group members will make a coordinated attack using the “report video” feature.  They will keep reporting the video until it is taken down.

How do I know about the coordinated attacks?  Back around 2008, I posted a video showing how to skin a squirrel.  The video was flagged as animal cruelty and my account received a warning.  After doing some google searches for the URL of the video, I found it had been posted on a forum that targeted hunting videos on YouTube. A member of the forum posted a link to my video, and numerous other members replied they had reported the video as–you guessed it–animal cruelty.

The squirrel had been taken during hunting season in a humane manner. The shooting of the squirrel was not shown. But all that mattered to the antis was that someone had hunted and killed a wild animal.

In an era of Facebook, is it is difficult to discover who is reporting videos, as any Facebook group can be set to private. This makes finding a link to the video almost impossible.

Military Arms Channel

On October 30, 2017 the Military Arms Channel posted the following on their Facebook page.


Also on October 30, SensiblePrepper posted a video saying his Sootch00 channel had received a warning.

SensiblePrepper went on to say he is launching a new gear review channel. So let’s keep an eye out for it.

Final Thoughts

The people flagging gun videos will not stop until every single gun video is removed from YouTube–or YouTube starts ignoring them. It is just a matter of time before liberal-leaning organizations, such as Google, purge their sites of anything having to do with firearms, knives, and hunting.

What happens after firearm content is banned?

Conservative news channels will be purged. Mark Dice posted a video about this very topic: YouTube Admits Censoring Independent News Channels.

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