Manipulating Long Guns Inside a Vehicle


Manipulating Long Guns Inside a Vehicle

There are times when a handgun, revolver or pistol simply is not enough to deter the threat. This is in terms of both cartridge power as well as the capability to deliver a maximum number of rounds on the intended target. Indeed, the handgun may be easier to wield from a seated position inside a vehicle, but what if more power is needed for the task at hand?

Often, too, the threat is at such a distance from the vehicle’s position that to address it with a handgun would be not only futile, but a waste of precious ammo especially during any kind of an unpleasant SHTF. For such incidences, a proper survival-prepper self-defense rifle is the preferred weapon of choice. It is just a common sense matter of proper choice of the right tool for the job.

That all sounds really fine and dandy, but how do you quickly, and efficiently draw a firearm with a long barrel of sixteen to twenty inches in length with an overall length of 30-inches or more from the inside of a vehicle? As the old joke used to go “very carefully” was the usual response.

At this point, try a test. Grab your favorite AR-15 or whatever long gun firearm you have chosen for a bug out escape, SHTF departure, or practice for an evacuation in front of a natural or unnatural disaster. Now, go sit in the driver’s seat of your escape vehicle. Place the rifle wherever or however you wish.

Roll down the window, either side or both. As quickly as possible, draw your rifle into a firing position from your seated position. Did you pass the test, or did you run into some difficulties within the confines of your vehicle? How many times did the muzzle bang into things inside the vehicle? Were you even able to shoulder the rifle? If your rifle’s muzzle cleared the window the first time, then Lady Luck was on your side.

I’m betting initially you got all tangled up inside your ride trying to ready your rifle. It takes practice and consistent handling to get this down right. Of course, in many situations, perhaps you can exit the vehicle to shoot over the roof or hood, but maybe you can’t every time.

So, set yourself with some realistic drills and practice them from both front seats. Mind your muzzle and buttstock until the rifle is ready to fire. With practice, this execution will come.

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