Watch: Make a Knife From an Artillery Shell


Watch: Make a Knife From an Artillery Shell

This guy takes a hunk of steel from an old artillery projectile and turns it into a knife for a German friend who found the frag in the Black Forest using a metal detector.

He starts by cutting off a hunk and testing it to see if it can be hardened. From there, he cuts off a long chunk and gets to work.

I like how you can still see the old threads near the tip of the blade as he works.

I didn’t like hearing him whine about making the brass guard, but the result is nice.

The level bubble tool for getting the bevels correct is cool. I hadn’t seen one of those in use before.

The handle is neat, as well. Reminds me of the leather handle I put on my grandfather’s old Buck Bros claw hammer so I could re-roof my old house. As you can imagine, my handle is not nearly as slick as his.

Check out his thumbnail at the end of the video. I bet that hurt.

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