Watch: Darne Model 1892 Rotary Shotgun


Watch: Darne Model 1892 Rotary Shotgun

This a double-barrel shotgun of French origin, which opens and operates in a rather unusual way. To load or unload the gun, the action rotates off to the side.

The most popular shotgun made by the French Darne company was their 1897 sliding breech side-by-side, which saw sales and use worldwide. Before that, however, Darne invented a rotating breechblock system – first a series of external hammer varieties in the 1880s and then this hammerless Model 1892. It is a great example of a functional, creative, and interesting system that simply never became popular.

It’s really not a bad system, and in the long run may produce less wear & slop than you can expect on a break-action gun after thousands upon thousands of rounds. And the safety, while unconventional, makes it easy to tell at a glance whether your gun is ready to fire.

This particular gun was sold as part of a lot of 5 scatterguns, which went for $3,163.


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