Watch: Restoring an Old Flame Thrower


Watch: Restoring an Old Flame Thrower

This is one of those old products that makes a guy like me scream WANT!!! And why not? It. Is. A. Flame. Thrower!

He began with an old “flame gun” that he’d found locally

This “Little Giant” flamethrower/flame gun was made by the Hauck MFG. Co from the 1930s-1950s.  The tool restoration was pretty straight forward, but the operation was not.

He goes through quite a process with all the disassembly, prepping, and painting. DIYers can pick up some good tips, such as sanding the gauge lens to clear it up. Not bad.


Most of his work was okay, but he certainly screwed up the nameplate by allowing paint stripper to get on it. What a careless mistake. He’s not exactly careful with the original screws and fasteners, either. And then he filed the valve stem instead of filing the hole in the replacement handle.

Ah well. The point here is: FLAME THROWER!



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